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Facilities Repair

Commercial Remodel & Handyman services for your office & building care.

No matter what size your business is, PHFS can provide you with the service you need ASAP!

Building Maintenance

We understand that when something breaks in or around your commercial premises, you need assistance fast! We also understand that offices require ongoing maintenance from time to time and that's time you don't necessarily have free.

Finding quality and reliable people to keep things running smoothly takes time and effort. Thankfully though, there's a better way to get property maintenance done - you just call us! We can help on an ongoing or as needed basis - it's that easy.

Offices and workplaces require ongoing maintenance, and things can break at any time. Sinks can become blocked, light bulbs will blow, and furniture may need re-arranging, along with a lot more things. It all takes time & that means time away from your important role at work!

Here are just some of the services we can help with:
Accoustical Ceiling Systems
Appliance Installations
Cashwrap Installation-Repair
Carpentry (Interior - Exterior)
Counter Tops - Lam - Granite - Corian
Door - Drawer Installation-Repair
Drywall (wallboard repairs)
Electrical (lighting-maint-repair)
Facility Maintenance & Repair
Fence Installation-Repair
Finish Carpentry - Trim - Laminates
Fixture Installation-Repairs
Flooring Repair (carpet-tile-laminate)
Glass Repair - FR Board Up
Graffiti Removal
Gutter System Repairs
Lock Latch Knob Hinge Installation & Repairs
Putting up pictures, shelves and notice boards
Moving, repairing and assembling furniture
Replacing and adjusting doors and door closers
Easing doors and windows
Replacing toilet seats
Unblocking sinks
Grounds and garden maintenance
Power | Pressure Washing
Property Maintenance
Property Repair
Property Restoration
Roofing System Installation-Repair
Sign Installation - Repair

Our customers are usually repeat customers. They know that they can deal with odd jobs through us without blowing the budget!




Commercial Space Remodel

Our experience goes above and beyond simple maintenance. We have the skills and resources to do complete facility remodel and re-image projects and bring your project to a close on-time and within budget.




Call us today and let's discuss how our services can fill your company's needs.

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